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Gamefarm :
Country :
Address :
Purok 4, Brgy, Langub, Talomo District Davao City 8000 Philippines Purok 4, Communal, Buhangin Davao City 8000 Philippines Km 11, Forestal, Cabantian, Buhangin Davao City 8000 Philippines
Website :

Owner :
Rogelio Bebot Uy
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
Luchin (Tata) Montebon 0922-8671573 / 0920-5353308
Bloodlines :
About my Gamefarm :
It all started as a hobby for Davao based Rogelio Bebot Uy also known to many as “Bravo”. Retiring from managing his businesses in 1988, gave Bravo the opportunity to devote his time for his favorite sport, cockfighting.

Needless to say, he has established a name for having champion warriors in no time. Other cockers noticed this and started to fuss whether he was breeding or not. This motivated him to establish Stallion Farms. It was an eventful process in the start for he believed that his experience in cockfighting is not enough to be able to run a game farm. Undoubted by his dedication to the sports he browsed and researched through cockfighting magazines both local and foreign to gain proper knowledge in producing quality gamefowls and bringing up a game farm. Bravo then took time to watch actual cockfights in the United States like in Mid America and especially in Sunset. His patience in understanding and analyzing factual ways of cockfighting paved the way for Stallion Farms to be one of the best gamefowls breeders in the Philippines today.

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Country : Philippines

Message :
welcome cockmates!!! this website for us cockers worldwide... please post your comments on this website., i'll be screening your post before posting it on my database. thank you!! happy cocking.....
Posted by :
Joel Nilo

Email :
[email protected]
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