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Choi City Seafood Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Cebu

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Gamefarm :
Country :
Address :
Concepcion, Talisay City, Negros Occidental Philippines.
Website :

Owner :
Rene Cuevas Demecais
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
Mobile no. 0929-7031905
Bloodlines :
Basic Bloodlines: Sweater, Roundhead and Hatch... On the side Bloodlines: Grey, Black, White, Lemon and Bulik
About my Gamefarm :
RCD Gamefarm is now located in Concepcion, Talisay City.. Being a NEGROSANON, breeding gamefowl is my passion.. (Price of my fowl: Stag and Bullstag Php5,000... First come First serve basis, reservation allowed if theres a money bond.)
Premium Member :
No (expired last 2014-06-10)




For Sale

Country : United States

Message :
i have the best lacy roundheads in the world 20 straight twice in az; and would like to auction them on sabong .auction but for some reason they wont except my registration. i am third generation cocker ,a pro refere and one of the best handlers in the u.s.a. my grandfather and sweater mcginius were good friends and drinking buddys now how come i can go to any pit in the u>s>a and people know my name .but php dosent/ i guess ill have to go there and show them what iam about / kleeen wins/ cleeaan wiiinnnssss / ha ha /any body want the best long knife cocks in the world call 2098188186 or 2098741110 and ask for robert not jr:
Posted by :
robert strange

Email :
[email protected]
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