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Gamefarm :
Country :
Address :
Tanay, Rizal
Website :
Owner :
Arch. Spud Villalon
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
Bloodlines :
Roundheads (cowan, dan gray, and lacy) Kelsos (Bobby Fairchild and jumper) White hackle (Kearney WH from Jr. Belt) Butcher ( Harry Lee Strout from Peter Uy)
About my Gamefarm :
Workingline Gamefarm s breeding belief is hinged in the old school idea of pea comb over straight comb combination. Blending the style and brain of the peacombs to the power, cutting, and gameness of the straightcomb family. Old timers believe that this method is one way of producing superior cutting stags with hybrid vigor. We have proven this to be true with our share of wins in stag derbies. Them roundheads dont just win, they win easy. And most of the time, with just ONE stroke. They work their feet and not their wings. Thus, the name WORKINGline.

Our gamefarm is located in the town of Tanay province of Rizal. With an area of about a hectare, we only intend to produce around 100 to 150 stags a year so as not to overcrowd the farm. We fight most of what we produce especially during stag season for the RGBAs annual stag circuit. Last 2008, we scored 9 wins out of 15 fights in three legs using mostly roundhead/wh and roundhead/butcher crosses. Last year wes scored 3wins-1draw-1loss using at least 1/2 cowan blood during the RGBAs first leg 5stag derby under the RCC WORKINGLINE entry.

When everyone is fighting sweaters and hatches,we are fighting roundheads, strong roundheads. And, this year, them workinglines may not be just red anymore.

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No (expired last 2013-02-15)




For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
those who wanna buy good and quality cock from top us breeder just send me email ok we guaranty you we gave you the best
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[email protected]
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