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Choi City Seafood Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Cebu

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Gamefarm :
Country :
Address :
Legazpi City,Province Of Albay(Bicol Region-5)
Website :
Owner :
Engr. Warren BONG Azotea
Email :
[email protected] & [email protected]
Contact Number :
Bloodlines :
Albert Dink Fair $5,000 Oldline Sweater, Albert Dink Fair Goldenboy Sweater,Johnny Jumper Super Kelso/out-out Kelso,Roger Roberts Kelso, Robert Dan Gray Lacy Roundhead, James Macwhite Boston Roundhead, Wilson Ong Octagon-YL/GL Hatch, Nene Abello YL/GL Hatch, Bobby Joe Manziel Frost/Perfection Grey, Jgl Whitegold-Irish Dom & Dicky Lim White Claret.
About my Gamefarm :
W.B.A Golden Crown Bicol Gamefarm started in 2006 with quality breeding materials from reputable breeders. The Albert Dink Fair’s $5,000 old line Sweater & Goldenboy Sweaters of Marlon & Martin Escolin (MBE Gamefarm), Roger Roberts Kelso of Pros Antonio (Milk & Honey Gamefarm),The Johnny Jumper’s Super Kelso/Out-Out Kelso of Joey Lacson (Circle-L Gamefarm),The James Macwhites Boston Roundheads of Roger Reyes (Prince Klevin Gamefarm), The Robert Dan Gray’s Lacy Roundhead of Harold Imperial (Golden Empire Gamefarm),The Yellow Legged/Green Legged hatch of Wilson Ong(Octagon Gamefarm),The YL/GL Hatch of Nene Abello(Nene Abello Gamefarm), The Bobby Joe Manziel Frost/Perfection Grey Of Mike & Tonio Romulo(Mica & Tonio Gamefarm),The Whitegold/Irish Dom of John Liao (Jgl Gamefarm) and the White Claret Of Dicky Lim(Winslet Gamefarm). Thru Selective Breeding we have developed our gamefowls to be High Breakers, Hard Hitters, Body Puncher, Smart, Game, Multiple Shuffler, and Excellent Cutting ability.

Our gamefarm is located in Legazpi City, Albay, an ideal environment to raise healthy gamefowls because of its fresh air, clean waters, and abundant green grass. Our farm is dedicated to continue producing quality gamefowls, very competitive in today very tough competition.

W.B.A Golden Crown Bicol Gamefarm “WHERE EVERY PUNCH IS A CRUNCH,THATS WHY THE BLADE IS ALWAYS HOT... PRICE LIST:Proven Trio-35k,Mature Trio-25k,Young Trio-18k, Baby Trio-15k,Proven Broodcock-15k,Broodbullstag-10k,Broodstag-8k,Proven Broodhen-10k,Broodbullhen-8k, Broodpullet-5k(ONLY PURE MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE,PLS.CALL IF INTERESTED)
Premium Member :
No (expired last 2011-01-12)




For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
those who wanna buy good and quality cock from top us breeder just send me email ok we guaranty you we gave you the best
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Email :
[email protected]
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