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Gamefarm :
Country :
Address :
Rumirang, Isabela, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Website :

Owner :
Jess and Antonio Medenceles
Email :
[email protected];[email protected]
Contact Number :
USA-( 408 ) 427-5739/Phil.-639162378154/639152544173/639157466706-just call, no text messages
Bloodlines :
I purchase this bloodlines from Dink Fair ( Sweater ) and Virgina East/Jimmy East ( sweater in 2005.We also acquire some local bloodline like thompson,Hatch, Halsey Grey But prior to that, we already raising chickens and acquire our bloodlines from loacal breeders like Nene Abello, Aguirre and Etc. which walking distance away from our farm.
About my Gamefarm :
Whole Sale Buyers:Mayor Pua of Quintin Albano, Isabela ( Handler, Yoc-Yoc Embendiado )

Charlie Gayoso of Quezon City

The Feedback: Both of this wholesale buyers have high rate of winning. Thats why they come to our FARM almost every year.

Historically, since were small we were already been interested in raising this gamecock because of our grandfather.Our Grandfather was the one who introduce this to our interest. He raise Rooster for cockfight with a Traditional way, which we just find out when we already into this passion.
Before he schedule his Rooster for cockfight, he will always wet the Rooster and put it in the early sunrise and practice by tapping the Rooster left and right with no opponent as a shadow boxing.Then, in the day of the fight, he has a lot of superstitious belief which you dont have to do inorder for your rooster to win.First, you dont have to close your cage when you left for Cockfight, 2nd you have to put the rope ( tali ) inside the cage and then go straight to the cockpit arena, dont mind anybody if you meet them in your way to the Arena, if you did, its BAD LUCK.Our grandfather was recognized the way he raise his Rooster in his own way, even it is a local bloodline ( bisaya, native in a sense ). We inherit these love of fighting cocks to our grandfather but not the way he raise his chicken for competitions.
We starts raising chickens ten years ago. Our starts bloodline is from local breeder( aguire, Abello etc ) and when we start competing and we end up losing, I decided to think it twice,Then the start of sending bloodline coming from here in the US.
We been selling our chicken across the country ( Philippines ) and joining derbys at the same time. Our farm have own rueda, breeding and training ground. Our stag are pre-BANDED for NGBA, GF BAND and BAKBAKAN.
Some of our wellknown protagonist in this arena are Lacson,Tinsay,Hinlo,Abello, Aguirre, Jalandoni and many others in Bacolod ( Negros ). Our pure Bloodline, Dink Fair sweater, halsey Grey, White White Thomson, hatch, roundheads right now I can say that Dink Fair Bloodlines ( Sweater ) is the best so far we have.
Right at this time ( 2010 ) we have around 700 stags ( Pre-Banded for NGBA, GF Band and Bakbakan ) ready for the competitions.

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For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
hi !! can you send me some mexican rooster pics and philipine and peru. i want to look.
thank you
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Email :
[email protected]
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