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Choi City Seafood Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Cebu

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Gamefarm :
Country :
United States
Address :
382 old ross rd.forest city NC 28043
Website :

Owner :
Davy Baynard
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
Bloodlines :
cecil davis kelso,powerline kelso,powerline hatch,gerrard spangle hatch, boston roundhead,sammy ramsey hatch,miner blue,powerline grey,sweater,whitehackle
About my Gamefarm :
I breed mostly spangle hatch,yellow leg peacomb kelso and boston roundhead but I have solid famlies of the other breeds I have.I am obsessed with breeding for 80% winning fowl, no excuses in tough competion for having I lossing day or year.If you recieve fowl of mine YOU WILL WIN atleast 70% any where you go gauranted I spare nothing improving gamefowl every year.
Premium Member :




For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
if you come to our farm & personnally pick 16 birds of the 2012 stock, it is $750. if we do the picking & shipping to anwhere in the connected 48 states, the price is $1400.
Posted by :
Papa Ritz

Email :
[email protected]
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