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Gamefarm :
Country :
United States
Address :
Michigan, Ohio, West Virgina
Website :

Owner :
Brian and Jamie Ferguson
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
Bloodlines :
Blueface, Greys (Frost, Law, Harlod Brown), Maulers, Roundheads (George Woods), Sweaters (Bruce Barnett)
About my Gamefarm :
We are Brian and Jamie Ferguson. I (Brian) have been involved with gamefowl all my life. I can date my families involvement with gamefowl back to the late 1800s. So it is a part of my heritage as well as a part of my life. Some of the blood offered by us dates back to the early 1950 in my families hands. Some of it has been added over the past decade. We have what I consider to be the best of both worlds.

We provide our fowl with the best of care 365 days a year. Our fowl are completely vaccinated for all the major diseases. We worm and delouse every 30 days and then ten days after to rid them of these parasites. There fed the best gains we can fined along with fresh vegetables and friuit twice daily. We pride our self in our fowls health and constant over all fitness.

When you purchase fowl from us, we stand behind the fowl you receive. First off they will be the blood you want and not a look a like. We dont buy fowl from others to resale. If it isnt raised from our brood pens, we dont sell it. This way I know the quality of fowl you are going to receive so I can stand behind them with the up most honesty. We are also here to receive all your calls and try to answer them for you pertaining to the fowl you get from us.

You will also get a pedigree on the fowl that dates back 7 generations with the wing band and leg band numbers and markings. So again this is another way for us to provide you with the history of the blood you receive and it is also away for you to know what is in the blood you get. We strive to provide the public with the best we can produce.

We are offering what we think are some of the best bloodlines going today. These fowl have proved there selfs over and over again in the brood pens as well as the shows. They won in the past and continue to win today. I feel they will do the same for you with proper care. If you want the best, look no further.

All fowl are sold for brood fowl only! We will not sell to anyone we feel will use the birds for illegal purposes in any fashion. But it is your responsibility to abide by all local, state, and federal laws once you receive our birds.

Although we may mention battle traits or skills that are inherent in the blood lines we are selling, we have not fought our fowl since the laws changed in the United States.
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For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
maganda idea nitogn website... good luck!!!
Posted by :
Samuel Sarmiento

Email :
[email protected]
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