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Choi City Seafood Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Cebu

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Gamefarm :
Country :
United States
Address :
9953 FM 112 THRALL TEXAS 76578
Website :

Owner :
Joe (Peno) Holder
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
(512) 898-5134
Bloodlines :
Autopsy Lundy Roundheads,Autopsy Smash Mouth Hatch, Tombstone Brownreds,Autopsy Blue Angels,COMING SOON AUTOPSY BLACK-N-BLUES!!!A little Lundy gos a long ways u do the math, Joe@AUTOPSYFARMS.
About my Gamefarm :
NO FOWL FOR SALE AT THIS TIME!!! NO US SALES ON THE LUNDYS ONLY PI AND THE ISLANDS AS WELL AS MEXICO WHEN AVAILABLE..... Weather permitting I may offer a clutch or 2 of chicks 2nd week of March....I have been raising gamefowl for 32 plus years. I have spent years developing the SmashMouth Hatch and the Autopsy Blue Angels and will soon be offering my Black-n-Blues. Last season I started offering the SMASH MOUTH HATCH to the public.I still have the first family of fowl I ever owned.Lundy Roundhead (Norris Pannell Line). Through the years a lot of fowl (families) have gone threw my hands, nothing, I mean nothing has been as true and good as the Lundys. I will be offering young brood fowl this spring 2010. They are not cheap! They are world class fowl that can be shown in any heel.Absolutely the most talented family of fowl I have ever owned or come across. They are consistent, game,fast,DEADLY CUTTERS. I do not raise hundreds of fowl, I do cull extreme and only feed the best. The old saying its not over until the fat lady sings holds some truth, around here ITS NOT OVER UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD AN AUTOPSY LUNDY ROUNDHEAD.Thanks for looking, Joe @ AUTOPSYFARMS.
Premium Member :




For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
nice website, it helps alot to all cockers like us...
Posted by :
Robin Pasuquin

Email :
[email protected]
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