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Choi City Seafood Restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Cebu

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Gamefarm :
Country :
Address :
San Antonio-1 Noveleta Cavite 4105
Website :
jhopargamefarm -facebook-Video & Picture
Owner :
Jojo Parales
Email :
[email protected]
Contact Number :
Bloodlines :
Johnny Jumper Kelso red,Johnny Jumper Kelso white imported, Johnny Jumper Radio Imported,Harold Brown Grey imported,Jimmy East Grey imported, White Claret Imported,Red Claret Imported, Allen Roundhead Imported,Miner Blue imported,Dink Fair 5K$ Line Sweater,Joe Sanford SweaterLemon Guwapo,Gilmore Hatch, Melsim Hatc,Leiper Hatch,Velco Black, Bulik Dom and Gold lemon
About my Gamefarm :
All my brothers in gamefarm i will invite you each one of you to visit in my Small farm site...gudluck to all and god bless...info text lang sa mga interesado....tnx
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For Sale

Country : Philippines

Message :
someone called me about this site , i was a little confused about the call, but they hung up on me or we got disconnected? i raise fowl for show if that is what you needed to know and i would like to ship there. i joined this directory to meet people over seas and establish contacts that show over there. hope to hear from someone else on this matter. your site is great! i love it!

most sincerely,william burney
Posted by :
William Burney

Email :
[email protected]
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